#NVJOB Unity Assets

#NVJOB SkyBox Two Colors

Simple and fast shader for SkyBox.
You can make a skybox of any color. The skyline in SkyBox can be at any angle at your discretion.

#NVJOB Nicholas Veselov (nvjob.github.io) | SkyBox Two Colors Unity Asset

#NVJOB Simple Pool

This is a simple pool for optimizing object loading.
All objects in the pool are loaded during initialization, and then retrieved from the pool and returned back to the pool without sacrificing performance.

#NVJOB Nicholas Veselov (nvjob.github.io) | Simple Pool Unity Asset

Infinity Square/Space

This prototype of the game is completely playable, but nevertheless, this is not a complete game.
The source contains all the tools for the development of the game, but you need the above-average programming skill.
Features: infinite procedurally generated world, almost complete destructible of everything, a very large number of NPCs (up to 1000 in one star system), battles involving hundreds of NPC, gravity is an important game element.

#NVJOB Nicholas Veselov (nvjob.github.io) | Infinity Square/Space Unity Asset

#NVJOB Water Shader - simple and fast

Two types of water. Supported rendering path deferred and forward.
This shader is suitable for scenes where water is not a key element of the scene, but a decorative element.

#NVJOB Nicholas Veselov (nvjob.github.io) | Water Shader (simple and fast) Unity Asset

#NVJOB Dynamic Sky Lite (standard render)

Simple and fast sky. The asset includes two shaders and a simple script.
There is an example in the asset that allows you to quickly understand how to use the sky in your project.

#NVJOB Nicholas Veselov (nvjob.github.io) | Dynamic Sky Lite (standard render) Unity Asset

#NVJOB Shader for Unity SpeedTree (STC)

Customization of wind and other parameters of the shader.

#NVJOB Nicholas Veselov (nvjob.github.io) | Shader for Unity SpeedTree (STC) Unity Asset

#NVJOB FPS Counter and Graph

The script is written according to the calculation of the average value in mathematics.

#NVJOB Nicholas Veselov (nvjob.github.io) | FPS Counter and Graph Unity Asset

Alpha Flashing Text 2

The script makes a smooth change in the alpha channel values. You can change the alpha channel for several texts at once by setting different parameters.

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