#NVJOB Shader for Unity SpeedTree (STC)

#NVJOB Nicholas Veselov (nvjob.github.io) | Shader for Unity SpeedTree (STC) Unity Asset

Customization of wind and other parameters of the shader. Now all types of geometry are supported, including billboards. Billboards can also be customized.

For Unity version of at least 2019.1.0 (64-bit)
Current version 2.0
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Shader features:

- Complete customization of the wind.
- Higher performance than standard Unity SpeedTree shader.
- Support for Occlusion Map, adjust the intensity of the Occlusion Map.
- Adjust the intensity of the Normal Map.
- Support Specular Color, Shininess adjustment.
- Adjust Shadow Cutoff. For artistic purposes or to increase productivity.
- Adjust Ambient Lighting.
- Adjust the color, brightness and contrast.

#NVJOB Nicholas Veselov (nvjob.github.io) | Shader for Unity SpeedTree (STC) Unity Asset


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